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    sienda tsn Library

    Our core offering.

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    certified reference designs

    Working example products for your reference.

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    TSN toolbox

    Simulation, testing, debugging.

Sienda TSN Library

The Sienda TSN library is a Milan-compatible TSN software stack written in C++ and available for almost any platform.  It implements everything needed to develop a Milan-compliant endpoint, controller, and/or network bridge.

Some core features include:
    •  Packet handling and required network protocols
    •  Clock recovery
    •  Redundant configuration support
    •  Full AVB network bridging
    •  Cross-platform persistent storage management

Our software is used in several Milan-certified products by well-known companies in the pro-audio industry.

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Certified Reference Designs

Our Milan-certified reference designs provide several benefits to those developing compliant devices:

    • Affordable reference hardware
    • Reference source code for TSN library integration
    • A starting point for your own product

We have reference designs covering a range of devices and aim to maintain designs for a selection of suitable, available, and cost-effective platforms.

TSN Toolbox

We can provide a selection of useful tools for developing and debugging TSN solutions, including:

• Network simulation
• TSN Profiling
• Command-line controller app
• Test tools